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Remind Directions: 

Both parents and students are encouraged to sign up for Remind.  Please use the links below for your  scheduled class period, and follow the directions to sign up, you have the option to receive notices through cell phone text messages or via your email.

Precalculus Classes:
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Flex Time Friday Club:
Young Life Friday Club

McNeil High School Exam Retest and Grading Policy for Precalculus

Frequently Asked Questions

Classroom:  Portable 4-B
(located outside behind the C-Wing)

Instructor’s phone number:  512-464-6543

Precalculus, Enhanced with Graphing Utilities by Sullivan and Sullivan ©2013

Tutoring hours:     Department meetings are Thursday mornings before school.

Mon. ——- Wed. ——- Fri. * Mornings:  8:15 – 9:00
 Wed. Afternoon:  4:15 – 4:45

*Friday mornings I have hall duty.  Students are welcome to come to my assigned area for tutoring.  Currently,  I am to be located outside of my portable (nice).

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