Algebra II

Algebra II Lesson Notes


1st Six-Weeks
Unit 1-A:  Introduction

Lesson 1 Classifying Numbers
Annotated Notes-Classify Numbers
Classify Numbers HW
Lesson 2 Domain And Range
Lesson 3 Function Notation
Annotated Notes Lesson 2 and 3
Domain and Range HW
Function Notation HW
Lesson 4 Parent Functions
Parent Functions HW
Lesson 5 Transformations
Transformations HW
Lesson 6 Inverse Functions
Inverse Functions HW

Intro to Functions Review

Unit 1-B:  Linear Review
Lesson 1 Linear Review

10 x 10 graph paper
Lesson 2 Graphing Systems Of Equations
Lesson 3 Solving Systems Algebraically 

Lesson 4 Linear Programming

2nd Six-Weeks